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    It has been said that the only real opportunity for saving money in a construction project is during the planning & design phase. Investing in a professional landscape design allows the opportunity to: explore concept options; establish a master plan for phased construction; keeps the project on time and budget; and allows accurate quoting for construction costs. We utilize artistic graphics and detailed CAD drafting to communicate our vision, ensuring everyone is on the same page before the shovels hit the ground.

    Our Design Services can include:

    On-site Consultation - Propose ideas for your outdoors.
    Multiple Concepts - Explore alternate design options.
    Master Plans - Detailed 2D plans of entire property.
    Planting Plans - Specifying species and quantities.
    3D Site Models - Visualize the design in 3D!
    Construction Drawings - Detailing of key features.
    Build Estimates - Budget pricing and phasing.

    All of this is completed exclusively in-house by our experienced design team. This means only one point of contact for you throughout the entire process, and guarantees the initial vision for your property is carried through successfully to completion. Benj Art Inc. is one of a select few design build firms in Ontario with Landscape Architecture accreditation. We offer exceptional design solutions to our clients for any size of project.

    Call us now to discover what your outdoors could become!

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